Dries van Noten is a Belgian fashion designer and a fashion brand. In 2005, the New York Times described him as „one of fashion’s most cerebral designers. With his extravagant and beautiful designs he didn’t only inspire the men´s world but also the women, so that he became one of the most important designer worldwide. For many people Dries is an idol and an inspiration and now he has a movie. The movie started on the 29th June in Germany. In his movie he gives us an insight in his world as a fashion designer and shows us the difficulties in this industry. The movie „Dries“ is very personal, which is a great opportunity for young designer to have a look into the day from Dries van Noten.

Definitely a must to have seen this movie.  http://www.driesvannoten.be


Finally after all the waiting, Louis Vuitton opened the pop up store in central London yesterday the 30th of June. The store dedicated to the Autumn- Winter 2017 menswear collection, including the hyped supreme collaboration.

The collection is a mix of today´s New York style and the past centuries. It goes through every stylistic facets from then to now. A total must have! The collaboration with the street style brand Supreme is a cool and classic mix between street style and high end fashion. With a mixture of Louis Vuitton symbols and Supreme symbols, it is the a perfect collection for men but also for women who belong to the top best fashion heads around the world.

See for yourself:


180 The Strand London WC2R 1EA.



Summer is the most exhausting but most beautiful season in the year. It is warm and no one wants to take a huge bag into the city or on a trip. Since this summer many designers realised the same thing, they created cute little bags for the perfect girls night out. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. This is the Balenciaga Classic Gold Nano City bag, it is the smallest of the classic Balenziaga bags. The bag exists in almost every colour, which id very practical. The bag is a very trendy and fashionable bag, even though its quite old. The gold details on the bags give it a little touch to it. The good thing is Balenziaga also sells them on other websites and not only on their website. Price: 845Euro. https://www.balenciaga.com/de/classic-neue-city-taschen_cod45330991hv.html


2.  This bag is one of my personal favourites, The Givenchy Antigona Mini. This bag is an old-timer, the Antigona already exists a long time, but Givenchy´s prior designer Riccardo designed it new in every colour one could dream of. This bag has different sizes and the mini is the smallest one, but it is still very practical and good for longer trips. All in all the bag is very neutral, but the big sipper gives a little detail. My advice put a cool bag chain on it. Price: 1.290Euro. https://www.mytheresa.com/de-de/000793-antigona-mini-leather-shoulder-bag-798526.html?catref=category

3.  Gucci is one of the best brands in the Industry at the moment. Especially because Gucci was for a long time an old ladies brand, but the designers changed a lot. Gucci is now known for their detailed and expensive-looking clothes, bags and shoes. Gucci is a must have in the street style world. This bag is the GG Marmot Matelassé leather belt bag. Yes, that is right a belt bag, the old times are coming back and I love it. A belt bag is very practical especially in the summer. Kendall Jenner started this trend by wearing a vintage Louis Vuitton belt bag and now everyone wants one. Price: 850Euro. https://www.gucci.com/de/en_gb/pr/gifts/gifts-for-her/handbags/gg-marmont-matelass-leather-belt-bag-p-476434DSVRT1000

4. Prada is similar to Gucci, Prada was for very wealthy old women, who loved to dress up. The brand was always very simple, but expensive. But now Prada is jumping on trend too, the brand changed basically their completely concept. This bag is a very detailed small bag, which also exists in bright colours like red. The bag has many gold details on it, which could also be Gucci. What I like on this bag is that the bag is very small and normally very classic, but at the same time it screams for attention. Price: 1.800Euro.https://store.prada.com/de/pradade/woman/woman-new-arrivals/1BH018-2BB0-F027M-V-CCM

These are a few of my favourite practical summer bags.

What do you think about these?


Every girl or boy who loves fashion loves to shop, but sometimes the shoppaholics are just too lazy to go out and shop. Luckily Mr. google exists and online shopping is just right for us. Even if we only need a cute pair of sneakers or the newest designer bag from Givenchy. In 2017 it is really easy to shop even if its raining outside. So I thought I would do a list of my favourite online stores who ship worldwide.

Here comes heaven:


Ssense.com is an online store which ships worldwide and is available 24 hours. The store is available in the English language, in French or in Chinese. From Acne Studios, Gucci, Givenchy to Ann Demeulemeester and Zuhair Murad. Ssense.com has everything a stylish woman or man dreams of .


I believe net-a-porter.com is one of the most popular online stores in the fashion world. Most fashionable person must have heard of this store even if its about these beautiful black boxes of them. Net-a-porter has everything that is called luxury. From fine jewellery to cute dresses. Even beauty products. A total must for everyone who loves luxury fashion.


Mytheresa.com is very similar to net-a-porter, it also has many brands like Prada, Fendi or Maje. The shipping is very easy and every language is available. Also a total must have in your search history on your computer.



The new Louis Vuitton Men Collection

On 22nd of June 2017 Louis Vuitton showed their new men´s Spring – Summer 2018 collection in Paris. I can say Kim Jones´ collection went viral in the internet. The outfits of the collection were american chic inspired and I could definitely see the 80s coming back. From long belts with the LV logo to small shoulder bags, from slides to hawaii inspired shirts.


Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2018
Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2018