Summer is the most exhausting but most beautiful season in the year. It is warm and no one wants to take a huge bag into the city or on a trip. Since this summer many designers realised the same thing, they created cute little bags for the perfect girls night out. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. This is the Balenciaga Classic Gold Nano City bag, it is the smallest of the classic Balenziaga bags. The bag exists in almost every colour, which id very practical. The bag is a very trendy and fashionable bag, even though its quite old. The gold details on the bags give it a little touch to it. The good thing is Balenziaga also sells them on other websites and not only on their website. Price: 845Euro.


2.  This bag is one of my personal favourites, The Givenchy Antigona Mini. This bag is an old-timer, the Antigona already exists a long time, but Givenchy´s prior designer Riccardo designed it new in every colour one could dream of. This bag has different sizes and the mini is the smallest one, but it is still very practical and good for longer trips. All in all the bag is very neutral, but the big sipper gives a little detail. My advice put a cool bag chain on it. Price: 1.290Euro.

3.  Gucci is one of the best brands in the Industry at the moment. Especially because Gucci was for a long time an old ladies brand, but the designers changed a lot. Gucci is now known for their detailed and expensive-looking clothes, bags and shoes. Gucci is a must have in the street style world. This bag is the GG Marmot Matelassé leather belt bag. Yes, that is right a belt bag, the old times are coming back and I love it. A belt bag is very practical especially in the summer. Kendall Jenner started this trend by wearing a vintage Louis Vuitton belt bag and now everyone wants one. Price: 850Euro.

4. Prada is similar to Gucci, Prada was for very wealthy old women, who loved to dress up. The brand was always very simple, but expensive. But now Prada is jumping on trend too, the brand changed basically their completely concept. This bag is a very detailed small bag, which also exists in bright colours like red. The bag has many gold details on it, which could also be Gucci. What I like on this bag is that the bag is very small and normally very classic, but at the same time it screams for attention. Price: 1.800Euro.

These are a few of my favourite practical summer bags.

What do you think about these?

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